The First 5 Things You Should Learn in SEO

When you first want to learn about search engine optimization, you might be turned off by the sheer number of things that you need to know about. That is because there are a lot of techniques and strategies that you need to be aware of to stay competitive.

Do note that quite a few SEO specialist have already been working in the field for more than a decade now and they’re constantly refining their craft as Google releases new search engine algorithms and updates.

However, you shouldn’t be put off even though there is much to learn. When you deconstruct some of the techniques, you will find that it is pretty easy to learn and implement.

It is best that you start somewhere and improve as you go along in the process. So in today’s article, I will go over the first 5 things that you need to learn in SEO.

Before I start, I want to say that you have to look at the big picture. Why is search engine optimization necessary anyway? Well, SEO is important to improve your relevance (your content) and your authority (brand recognition, link building, etc.). That being said, let’s get started, shall we?

  • Page Authority

Page authority is the measure of your site’s trustworthiness in the eyes of the different search engines. You can build page authority by the quality and quantity of the links that lead to your website.

Page authority is just improving the authority of specific pages and you do this by improving some pages in a way that will increase the inbound links to it. Once that is done, you can promote only a specific number of your pages, thus, increasing its authority over the others found on the internet.

  • On-Site Optimization

Also known as On-Page Optimization, this term just refers to a collection of techniques that you can do on your actual website to improve its online presence. This includes using targeted keywords, using those keywords in your title and meta descriptions, creating a good website and great content to match it.

  • Content Marketing

Even though content marketing is an entirely different strategy, it is still important to learn more about since they go hand in hand with SEO. It is just a way for you to create amazing content while also promoting it online with the use of well-researched keywords among other things.

  • Link Building

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the more inbound links that you acquire, the better your site’s authority will be. That is just the gist of link building. One way you can get quality inbound links is to start creating content on external websites- sites that are other than your own.

Once you’ve established a solid relationship with each similar website on the internet, you can then increase your personal brand’s recognition, thus, improving the quality and quantity of inbound links that you get as well.

  • Keyword Research and Measurement

Keywords are pretty much the meat of the content. Without targeted keywords, you’re pretty much going to get ranked lower than others who utilize it.

Even though it doesn’t hold as much bearing as it once did, it is still important to get highly targeted keywords in your niche and incorporating them in your content.

Furthermore, you must also need to learn how to track your progress by using different analytical tools. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to get started, although you may want to use other analytical tools later down the line as well.

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