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There is no doubt that the “hot” game of the day has become poker. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers… are filled with poker everywhere you look. And the web is no exception. In an attempt to capitalize on the hot poker phenomenon, just about every online casino site company with the money to do that has rushed to add their own “state-of – the-art” (or so they claim) poker room to their repertoire.

To athletes this was a blessing in most situations. Where there were only a handful of less-than-spectacular card rooms scattered over the internet years ago, now there are a multitude of great sites each with their own special flair. You should battle it head-up in.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em against players from all over the world, or claw your way through a 2,000-player multi-table tournament with more than $1 million in prize money at stake. Some sites even offer players the chance of a lifetime: to play against the elite of poker. Through sponsorship / spokesperson deals from various online card rooms, pros-turned icons like Howard Lederer, Kathy Liebert, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and more are made accessible to online players.

Even the 71-year-old poker godfather Doyle Brunson has welcomed the arrival of online poker and challenges all comers to a game at his self-titled site, He was even known to offer any players a bounty sufficiently skillful to knock him out of a tournament.

But while this explosion of online poker offers greater accessibility to the game and galore options, it can make it a bit tricky to take those first steps as an online poker player. Which are the best sites? Are they all playing the same games? Can I get to the World Poker Series from here? Let’s work it out.

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