How to Have a Bilingual Baby

Baby care is more than just buying baby bibs in Malaysia. Aside from attention and love, introduce your child to music and language. By doing so, you can provide stimulate the mind of your infant child. Why not teach your kid more than one language? Speaking multiple languages can improve flexibility and vocabulary, provide cultural opportunities, and promote empathy. Moreover, research provides that bilingual people are smarter and more creative. 

It’s true that some moms and dads fear that learning another language may cause learning delays. Though some kids may initially appear to have a small vocabulary, in truth, every word counts.

Now is the perfect time to teach your child another language.

The earlier you introduce your kid to a language, the bigger stronger her connection will be with that language. Remember, infancy is the best time for sound recognition. Little ones can easily differentiate various sounds, and can remember even short introductions to unique sounds.  

Interactive learning

The most effective way for a child to learn a new language is to interact with native speakers. If you speak another language apart from the more dominant one (or the language mostly spoken in your community), speak another language at home with your kid. Never worry about your kid not learning the dominant language. Soon, she would learn that language at school, playgrounds, playdates or from conversations with family members. 

Even if you are not a native speaker of your target language, it’s still possible to learn a new language with your child. Below are some of the resources you can utilize to learn. 

Online Video 

There are plenty of videos you can watch online for kids age 2 and older. Children this age would benefit a lot of from this kind of educational language. But, at the end of the day, face-to-face, real-life human interaction is the most effective approach to learn a new language. Thus, see to it to watch these videos with your kid, and talk about the things you are watching. 


Are there are any playgroups in your area? If there are, set playdates with your kid. These amazing sessions include games, snacks, and interesting songs. 


Reading to a kid in another language is another effective language learning approach. Reading is a lot more interactive compared to just watching videos, though it is still scripted. 


If you can, sing traditional songs to your little one. This will not only introduce the child to the language, but through the song, she can experience a part of their culture. 

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