Helping Your Child to Talk in Meaningful Ways

As parents, we always want to know what our baby’s first words will be. Could it be ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mommy’ or could it be something else?

As our baby’s brains develop, they start to construct words and sentences based on the things that they hear. There are certain milestones to speech development and in 3 years, that is going to be the start of rapid growth in terms of your baby’s speech and communication.

Yes, you can help your baby start walking by providing support and making them wear baby shoes. You can also somehow help them to start talking by doing a couple of things as well.

In today’s article, I will go over some ways parents can help their child talk in more meaningful ways.

How to Help Them to Start Talking?

As mentioned earlier, babies would require some time before they can actually string meaningful words when they talk. Still, this is not to stop you from encouraging them to utter a couple of words here and there.

Here are some things that you can do to provide them with some encouragement:

  • Talk to Your Baby Often- Even if your baby is too young to understand what you’re saying, constantly talking to them in a soft and sweet voice is good enough for them. They really love the attention of their parents after all.
  • Provide Ample Opportunities for Your Baby to Respond- There are actually plenty of avenues where you can allow your baby to respond to you. You can either do this while you are feeding them, giving them a bath, or even as mundane as changing their diaper as well.
  • Have Your Baby Lead- Continue talking to your baby and look at their reaction. If they are smiling and giggling, then continue uttering those words that have elicited such a response.
  • Point to Different Objects- When your baby is at least six months old, they are able to look at your finger for some cues. You can guide them by pointing to a particular object and give them words that will help them describe and know what it actually is.
  • Read with Them- There are a lot of picture books that you can buy out there that will help your baby start talking. This is especially true when they are at least six months old since they are able to see what you are looking at as well. You can make animal or object noises whenever they see something. For instance, if the picture book shows a sheep, you can make an appropriate “baa” sound to help them distinguish what a sheep is and what isn’t.
  • Use Body Gestures- At about seven months, your baby is now able to discern certain body language cues and gestures, which makes it ideal for you to tell them what certain actions mean. For instance, if you place your two hands forward so as to seem that you’re picking them up, then that would signify that you are about to pick them off of the ground.
  • Use Facial Expressions- When your baby is able to see your face, you can start talking to them even more and use appropriate facial expressions while you’re at it.
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