7 Essential Features For A Successful Web Design

Having a good website reflects to a good web design with a good graphics, proper typography and suitable seo online marketing with a well-placed hyperlinks. By developing the best website, it will lead to a higher number of visitors as the users keep returns to the website. Here are the essential features in having the best web design.

  1. Attractive

Keep the attractiveness of the web design as the first priority as it reflect the the first impression quality from the users. Use a good typography specifically on the font’s usage and high quality graphics. For fonts, make sure it is suitable and readable in terms of colours and size. Giving attention to a small matters, leads to a huge impact on the web design itself.


  1. Readable

One of the essential features for a successful web design is readable. Specifically in terms of typography, having a fancy fonts and size are source of attractions, yet the functionality of the typography such as the usage of the fonts for different heading and contents are more crucial in delivering the comprehendible message to the visitors.


  1. Clear message

Web design act as the medium of communication for the user in knowing the specific purpose of the websites. By having relevant information on the homepage of the website, allows the visitors to clearly look up on a specific information without going through so much hassle as the important facts of the website should be easily accessible by the visitors.


  1. Accessible Information

In allowing the visitors to find information quickly and easily, the website should be organized thoroughly and carefully. The layout of the website should be focus the most specifically on the navigation menu, as it is an indirect guidance to the visitor in looking for the desire information on the website.


  1. Interesting

Keeping things interesting on the website by having unique graphics and fonts yet it is still readable to the users can be the essential feature in attracting the users to look up on the website. Complex and understandable contents is what users looking for. In other words, no one would ever visit simple and plain website.


  1. Utilization of SEO

In maintaining the relevancy of the website, search engine optimization (SEO) is the ultimate key. By including the proper keywords and specific tagging on your website it can boost the website’s presence in on the users’ search. Having proper SEO, it is a worth investment especially to the website. As the people reads the websites, they are registering the keywords in knowing the exact content of the articles in the website.


  1. The Usage of Hero Image

The large header images in engaging the users visually and encouraging them to continue reading or viewing the articles in the website known as hero images. Hero images act as an indicator in the website specifically on the pages, section and the description on a particular article. Having proper, large and attractive hero image can assist the visitors that viewing the website even in a multiple devices.

In developing a well-established website, having a proper web design is important, other than having an impactful logo for a market brand. By applying the concepts of essential features in having a successful website, it can assist the website to remain relevant even in a crowded marketplace.

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