6 Foods to Feed Your Kid Before Age 1

Are you excited to buy baby milk bottles in Malaysia for your little one? Buying these quality bottles is fun, but soon you won’t need them anymore. Before your child reaches 1 year old, you must introduce specific nutritious food items that will keep her happy and healthy. Here are some of them. 


Mashed butternut squash is a classic baby food for good reason. It’s sweet, and is typically an instant hit with babies. The best thing about this is that it is packed with Vitamin A. You can even eat it yourself with a sprinkle of salt and butter.


Eggs are those kinds of food pediatricians want to introduce to babies early on. It contains healthy fats, as well as chlorine, for good eyesight. If you are a busy parent, try exploring different baby food recipes with this as the main ingredient. 


Lentils are good sources of iron. They don’t require soaking, and combine well with other savory add-ins like mild curry powder, fresh herbs and veggies. It is truly a wonderful ingredient for nutritious baby meals.


Salmon is one of the most important ingredients that contribute to baby brain development. It contains DHA omega-3 fatty acid, that is crucial for cognitive development. Try feeding your little one salmon once a week.


Eating peanuts before 1 year old can prevent allergies later on in life. However, don’t give your child a spoonful of peanut butter, or whole peanuts–these are both choking hazards. Just spread a bit on bread, or stir some into a puree.


If you family is open to eating meat, try introducing it to your baby before 1 year old. Beef is packed with zinc and protein, and is a nutritious option for baby meals. You can mix this with sweet potato, potato, or green vegetable puree.

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