5 Reasons Why Creating iOS Apps is the Future of App Development


Everything in the world is going mobile. IOS mobile app development have become ubiquitous and there is now a need to create an application for almost everything. One of the most popular mobile operating systems, the iOS, is gaining more popularity these days. Even though the Android platform is taking the lion’s share of the app market, the iOS side is enjoying more profits because people are more willing to pay for their applications rather than the ones offered by the green team. That is why most app developers nowadays are looking to create iOS apps more than ever before. Below are just some of the most compelling reasons why creating iOS apps is the future of mobile development.

1. The “Swift” Movement

Android apps require a lot more time to code because the Android Software Development kit, although comprehensive, does not simplify the creation process. Developers have to make use of long lines of code just to have one application up and running. Enter the “Swift”. Swift is actually a new programming language that was developed by Apple for use in the coding of future iOS apps. The beauty of this so-called programming language is the fact that you can really trim down the lines of code simply because you just set the current parameters and the SDK will take care of the rest. Really, developers on the iOS side are quite happy because of this. So, if you’re looking for an easy solution to make applications, then the Apple Swift programming language can really help you.

2. Better Quality Emulators

Part of making an application is by testing it to ensure that it runs without any problems. To do that, developers make use of emulators that will simulate a mobile phone environment so that they can test their products rigorously. The iOS emulators are quite streamlined and easy to use and it comes with features that can really emulate the real thing. This makes the life of iOS app developers much easier than the green teams.

3. Better Developer Support and Tools

Whereas Android comes with their own software development kit, the iOS side also has one in the form of the XCode. The XCode contains tools that support the creation of iOS apps. Like Apple’s emulators, the Xcode provides tools that are easy to use and gives the app creators the freedom to include all of the features that they can think of.

4. Cut Down on Fragmentation

Because of the plethora of phones that support the Android platform, the end application might not be optimal on some devices due to hardware differences. On the other, the same cannot be said for the iOS apps. You see, Apple creates their iPhones and no one else. This means that there are better software and hardware integration, making it an ideal environment to unlock all of the app’s potential.

5. Bigger Profits

As mentioned earlier, people that have iPhones are usually the paying lot. They will not hesitate to buy an application if it has all the things that they need. You can enjoy higher revenues due to this fact so you can just sit back, relax, and let the money flow in!


Creating iOS apps is the future of mobile app development. It is much easier to code for, has better tools, and you’re also guaranteed huge profits as well due to Apple having a lot of paying customers.


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