5 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

  • Be an affiliate marketer. 

Signing up with the best affiliate programs in Malaysia can help you earn a considerable amount of money online. You can source products from Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Rakuten Marketing and more. In some instances, affiliate programs would require you to have an active website with a big traffic to get approved. 

  • Create an email list. 

Online marketing can give you promising opportunities to make money online. Create lead magnets that can be utilized in your sales funnels. A good email list can help you level up your affiliate marketing strategy. Successful affiliate marketers say that it’s possible to earn around $1 every month for every subscriber. 

  • Use your existing website.

By taking advantage of a reputable website, you can earn passive and active income. You can sell second-hand items or create digital products that can be sold as quality merchandise. Depending on reputable platforms like Upwork and Craiglist are great, since both already cater to a wide range of audiences. 

  • Sell your own products.

Are you ready to take on the challenging ecommerce game? Before advertising your own products, create your own website first. This is a long process, since it will require you to work with a web designer or developer. If you want, you can also make your own website using a website builder like WordPress. Familiarize yourself with different ecommerce software and tools, and online payment methods. 

  • Start your own blog.

If you are really serious about earning money online, create your ow blog. Blogging is the most sustainable and easiest way to make money in the online world. As long as your blog is created the proper way with the right niche, and targeted at the right customers, you can earn big passive income. 

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