3 Web Design Building Blocks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

3 Web Design Building Blocks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Web Design Building Blocks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Do you want to improve your small business’ digital presence? If yes, then you must focus on maintaining reliable digital assets. Usually, this means you need a visually appealing and functional website. However, it is also true that some business manage well with just a Facebook page.

If you want to make the most out of the digital landscape, you would maintain not just social media profiles, but also a website. Below are some of the basic details you should know about websites in having the best design as the web design agency.

1. What is a content management system (CMS)? Why do I need it?

You need a CMS to simply the job of managing and maintaining a website. Before, website content is managed through HTML files. Now, CMS makes our lives much easier. If you wish to update minor details such as copyright dates at the footer, you can do so easily by just clicking the right field at the CMS.

CMS separates presentation from content, giving the user the flexibility to manage the website. No need to learn how to code.

2. What is a responsive web design? Why do you need it?

At this day and age, more and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones and other gadgets. Technology has changed consumer behavior for the better. If you are determined to give your business its much-needed digital presence, you should keep up with this trend. Provide our customers with friction less, quality browsing experience.

Make sure that your website is usable across many platforms and devices. For you to accomplish that, you need to implement a responsive web design strategy. Basically, this is about creating a flexible website that responds and adjusts itself to several screen sizes across plenty of devices.

3. What is CSS3 and HTML5? Why do you need them?

CSS3 and HTML5 are two languages which are considered to be the basic building blocks, or foundations of websites.HTML5 is the framing and foundation utilized to build a strong house. It offers website browsers with detailed instructions on how to arrange content and structure.

Meanwhile, CSS3 are the details that make that specific house unique, from art and paint to landscaping and furniture. 3 Web Design Building Blocks Every Entrepreneur Needs to KnowIt takes care of the website’s overall aesthetics.

CSS3 and HTML5 are technologies that work well together to achieve great results. If you are implementing a responsive website design, both components are required.

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