The gambling industry in Malaysia has been around since years ago and it seems the industry continues to grow. Gambling requires modal although it is risky it surely does give profits to the gamblers, though with Internet connection today gamblers able to access gambling from other country such as togel Hong KongThis shows that the popularity of gambling among Malaysians has risen so high even though they do not have much money, or sometimes they do not even have money so they need to borrow from the loan sharks. Obviously, gambling activity has become an active activity in Malaysia but it does not raise the concern of the authorities and community leaders. Even the poor people are also not exposed to the reality of the gambling industry in Malaysia today. 

Contributors To The Economy

Nonetheless, gambling is one of the key contributors to Malaysia economy and it is no doubt that the industry will continue in their contribution. However, there are many people especially the Muslims who proposed to stop the gambling industry in Malaysia as Muslims dominates the population in Malaysia with over 60% followed by other religions.

Gambling is an individual right and this is because it involves a lot of people. For example, the purpose of gambling in Malaysia is to fulfill the request of Chinese people in Malaysia because gambling is one of the habits in Chinese societies ever since. So Muslims in Malaysia need to adhere to and respect the needs of non-Muslims in Malaysia. Despite all of this, a few Muslims are also among the people behind this industry as they become the owner of the gambling shop or lotto shop. They involve in this gambling industry because of their greed to become rich and wealthy while depending on their luck. As a result, Muslims are most likely to participate with gambling although it clearly illegal in Islam. Since this industry is based in Genting Hingland, it has attracted visitors from all over the world.

There has been no attempt at reducing this activity instead, they seem to be encouraging. The government should prevent and educate the people not to engage in this gambling industry. 



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